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Jan Karow aka CAREAUX is an Germany-based photographer with a unique focus on what surrounds him. His personal projects favor seemingly lonely and abandoned places, the rough and rugged beauty of nature, traces of human impact, some weird situations and those unobtrusive scenes right next door that not uncommonly bare a certain kind of humor.
Other than that he loves speeding his road bike through the countryside, hiking nearby or faraway hills and mountains, as well as spending a lot of his time on outdoor activities and traveling in general.
Though currently being full-time employed he also is available for freelance commissioned work.
Have camera, will travel!

Like the works exhibited?

Most of the pictures on this site are available for purchase as fine art print or digital file. Please ask for pricing and conditions if you are interested.

Jan Karow /Photography /Video /CGI

Albertstraße 21
49076 Osnabrück

/Phone: +491747405997
/Twitter: @jcareaux
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